meanwhile bigbang hasn’t had a comeback in so long, gdragon has turned into a human calendar 




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I choose you.

Like Ash chose Pikachu.
Like Kagome chose Inuyasha.
Like Tsukushi chose Tsukasa.
Like Kaoru chose Kenshin.
Like Mikasa chose Eren.

Ours may be have the epic story of a Japanese anime
But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fight
a million monsters to win your heart
all of the demons that cause you pain
all the haters and doubters of your strength
even giants that threaten to swallow us whole.

I would fight all of them because I chose you
And I would choose you a hundred times over
In a hundred different ways
In a hundred different situations
In a hundred different universes
In a hundred different lifetimes

I choose you.

Q:Why did you go to Myeongdong? 5MBC ep.7

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attention whore park kyung

jaehyo and u-kwon partying hard ft. bkyung 

jaehyo and u-kwon partying hard ft. bkyung 

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park kyung seals his own ice-watery fate

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when i die, then you will realize.

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she wants the d(eadpool movie)

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i’m all for boys wearing makeup mostly because if more of them got into it there’d be a bigger market and it wouldn’t cost $25 for an eyeshadow primer anymore

i can’t wait to go into the makeup aisle to get the latest man-color of guyshadow that comes in containers shaped like bullets and footballs

"Bruh I just went to sephora and got the sickest shade of eyeshadow"
"Sick dude what’s it called"
"Monster truck gas fumes"

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if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever

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did i just write a poem that had anime in it?

yes. yes i did.